Monday, 7 July 2014

White Nosed Coatimundi Animals | Amazing Facts & Latest Pictures

White Nosed Coatimundi is a member of the raccoon family. Its body is one and a half to two feet long and its tail is two feet long. It holds its  long, thin, ringed tail upright when it is walking. It has small ears, long, sharp claws, and a long, pointed snout that tilts up a little at the tip. It has a black mask and  white around its eyes, nose and on the inside of its ears. Its fur is brown with a mix of red and yellow on top and a lighter brown on its undersides. Its lower legs and the tops of its feet are blackish-brown. Males and females look alike but males are much larger.
White Nosed Coatimundi originated around the turn of the century and was used at that time to describe the males, who live alone- mundi" means "solitary". Over time this term has come to be used interchangeably with "coati" to describe both sexes.
White Nosed Coatimundi have also been found in the US state of Florida, where they are an introduced species. It is unknown precisely when introduction occurred; an early specimen in the Florida Museum of Natural History, labeled an "escaped captive", dates to 1928. 
White Nosed Coatimundi mates between January and March. Males will join female family bands. The male will warn off competing males by baring his teeth, rearing up on his hind legs and turning up the end of his snout.
 White Nosed Coatimundi
White Nosed Coatimundi
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