Sunday, 20 April 2014

Harbor Seals Animals | Amazing Facts & Latest Pictures

Harbor Seal is decently little when it is contrasted with the numerous different types of seals out there. They change altogether in shade and could be dim tan, tan, or different shades of light black. The nostrils on them are a V shape which is a trademark you won't find with whatever possible types of seal out therethe guys and females are exceptionally similar in size and look so it might be difficult to recognize them. They could be dependent upon six feet long and just about 245 pounds in weight. 
Harbor Seals possess zones that are additionally frequented by people and are effortlessly aggravated. At the point when bothered the moms at times desert their pups. Don't attempt to approach them, the moms will be back soon to deal with them. 
Mother Harbor Seal will conceive one pup . The pups can swim inside a hour after conception, without this capacity numerous might suffocate as the tide comes in. The mother is exceptionally mindful to its pup . They are weaned in something like four to six weeks. 
Harbor Seals like to regular commonplace resting locales. They may use a few days adrift and venture out up to 50 kilometers looking for sustaining grounds, and will likewise swim some separation upstream into freshwater in substantial water ways.
 Harbor Seals
 Harbor Seals
 Harbor Seals
Harbor Seals
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