Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Leopard and Cubs | Awesome Photographs

The Leopard has a place with the cat family-so envision a titan, smooth-haired residential feline with spots and you have a thought of what a panther looks like! Mature person panthers are single and territorial and will just partner long enough to mate. Occupation of a territory is publicized by stamping with pee and faces and pawing the bark of trees. 

A large part of all Leopard Cubs pass on soon after their first special day. The surviving cubs are for the most part independent by 18 months of age. Adolescent female panthers frequently remain near and dear, living on or close to their mother's chasing reach. Male panthers move more distant off to build their particular chasing grounds. By age 2, the youthful panthers are recognized experienced. 
 Leopard With Cub
 Leopard and Cub
 Leopard Cub
 Female Leopard & Cub
 Leopard & Cub
 Leopard Playing With Cub
Leopard Cubs

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