Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Flounder | Fish Fact and Photos

Flounder are an excellent fish to bring home for dinner as they provide a great taste and are very healthy.  Catching flounder and fluke are not as easy as it is said, but with a little experience you can put these dinner delights in your cooler.Flounder are known as the flatfish of the ocean and can be found all over the United States but primarily on the East Coast.  Flounder are also fished for in Europe, Canada, and throughout the Pacific Ocean.

Flounder have a laterally compressed body (fish lies on its side rather than on the abdomen) and always looks up. The flounder is capable of changing its color pattern to match the bottom color, ranging from blackish-brown to light- gray or a mottled coloring. The down side is white.

The southern flounder is the most abundant flatfish in Texas waters. They stay in mostly shallow water during warm months and then migrate through cuts and passes to the Gulf to spawn during the fall and winter. The flounder is an ambush feeder and will wait patiently for something to eat that comes by its ambush spot. Running tidal water in small cuts or rocky areas are excellent places to find flounder. They sometimes bury themselves under sand or silt as they wait for food to enter their area. Prime fishing season is during the "flounder run" in the fall. Gigging is a popular method for taking flounder. This is done by either wading with a bright light (Coleman lantern) and "gigging" or spearing the fish with a (multi pronged) gig as it lays waiting for its dinner. Special flat bottom boats, with an air motor and bright lights, are also used for gigging flounder.
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